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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 20:38

How Do We Know When Our Pots Are Done?

We use what are called pyrometric cones, and you see them in the photo above. They are a very simple, yet effective tool for careful firing of pottery.

Sunday, 23 September 2012 20:47

Canning Time!

We don't say that much about the "farm" part of Tater Knob Pottery & Farm, but Jeff has been very busy with canning the last few day, and here is the proof! Nothing is better than eating locally grown food, and producing it yourself is even better. These photographs are just a small sample of what we harvested from our garden this year.

We now have a Facebook page! This is still a bit new to us, but we hope to share a bit of what goes on around the studio and farm. Please join us on Facebook and let's keep in touch.

SouthernLiving-January-2004Tater Knob Pottery was featured in a January 2004 article in Southern Living Magazine! Download excerpted article pdf.

Writer Wanda McKinney starts the article with "The first thing that happens as I arrive at Tater Kob Pottery is that I hear bells. Not a tinkling sound or the peals that come from a church bell choir but a ding'donging tone - a serious, come-to-dinner, baritone bong that demands immediate attention."

The article, titled "Handmade In Berea" give a concise overview of the Tater Knob experience, with some nice images by photographer Adams Barnes. 

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