Tater Knob Pottery & Farm 

David Enge

 I love what I do! If it’s making my living with my hands, building my own house or just enjoying the wonderful place I call my home. I produce all of my own pottery here at Tater Knob from start to finish and regularly attend art shows all across the state.

I enjoy creating, and I’m looking forward to carrying on the family pottery tradition. In addition to pottery, my homestead is my second form of art I create. I’ve built my own house from recycled lumber, along with lumber from the local sawmill. Carpentry is a wonderful thing – among many others – that my father has passed down to me.

Life is about enjoying every second of the day no matter how intense, overwhelming, or overworked, you have to figure out how to stay happy. Which is easy when you live and work in a beautiful place as we do!

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