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Serving Bowls

Our beautiful Serving Bowls will make your salads and side-dishes look even more appealing. They also serve as containers for food storage or mixing. Three sizes provide a variety of serving and storage options.

Popcorn bowl-1024

Soup Bowls

Fill them up with soup, cereal or salad, they still look great! You can order custom designs to match complete dinner ware set or purchase individual bowls from our six color choices. Available in two sizes.

Popcorn bowl-1024

Popcorn Bowl

The perfect bowl for sharing popcorn, it's plenty big enough to accommodate more than one hand at a time, so you can grab fistfuls of popcorn without fighting or tipping the bowl. This is a stable, functional work horse of a bowl that allows for easy mixing of large recipes without fear of tipping. Available in six color choices.


Small & Tiny Bowls

We create these fun little dishes in many styles, sizes and colors, and their uses are just as varied! Use them for pre-measuring spices and other ingredients in the kitchen, or fill them with ice cream, dips or sauces for individual servings.  Prices range from $6.00 - $15.00.

Small Serving Bowl


Medium Serving Bowl


Large Serving Bowl


Small Soup Bowl


Large Soup Bowl


Popcorn/Mixing Bowl



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