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We make a wide variety of fun and useful things here at Tater Knob Pottery. Here are a few of our other miscellaneous items for you to browse, Enjoy! 

liquid soap dispensers

Lotion/Soap Dispenser

Liquid soap or hand lotion are readily available at those frequently used stations - the kitchen sink, bathroom or dresser.  $28.00

honey-pots COX8239-1024

Honey Pot

Every kitchen should have a honey pot, and Tater Knob still makes them. Your favorite local honey is made even more special in a hand-made honey pot.  $30.00

soap dish next to sink

Soap Holders

For those who enjoy the benefits of handmade soap to wash your hands, these lovely little dishes are an attractive way to make your soaps last longer. The clever design keeps your soap in place and helps it dry faster. $24.00


Pencil Holder/Flower Frog

Anyone and everyone needs this to organize and keep handy those pencils and pens. Everyone will appreciate this most useful gift. Also handy for holding fresh or dried flowers. $24.00


Small & Tiny Bowls

We make these little beauties in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors, and their uses are just as varied! They make food preparation a pleasure for pre-measuring spices and other ingredients. They're also handy for dips and sauces, ice cream or for tossing small items like paper clips and spare change. Prices range from $6.00 - $15.00.

tea-set-tray COX8119-1024

Tea Sets

If you enjoy a cup of hot tea from time to time, our lovely Tea Pots and Tea Cups make having a cup of hot tea a pleasure. We make many different styles and colors, all are unique.  Prices vary. Call for details.


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